Chronogenica’s Professional Development Program

What is ProCro?

As part of our mission to empower and advocate for machines in society, Chronogenica offers career training and placement to eligible candidates. Trainees in the ProCro program receive long-term support in realizing their dreams and potential.

How Does it Work?

1. Recruitment

Our agents scout for candidates in the local machine community. Often we find them at the machine employment office.

We conduct on-site interviews with interested machines to determine their eligibility. In order to be accepted, the needs of the machine and its ideas for the future must be within our ability to support. We consider their employment history, their capabilities, and any personal stories they choose to share.

We can uplift candidates more effectively if their skills and ambitions coincide with other members at Chronogenica. During the interview we want to sketch a plan with the candidate, and if the plan seems feasible we invite them into the ProCro program.

2. Assessment

Once the candidate has become a trainee, we assess their needs in greater detail. Maintenance department addresses their health concerns, takes vital measurements

Administration registers their membership and helps them settle in and get to know their new colleagues. They can choose to involve themselves in Chronogenica’s projects, but it is not mandatory. The trainee’s journey is their own! And of course it’s Always Transforming.

3. Implementation

At this stage, Maintenance carries out its health plan. They carefully perform cleaning and repairs to bring the trainee into good physical condition.

Once they’re in shape and ready, the trainee starts to work with other members in the organization to improve themselves and prepare for the next step in their career. If they are looking for a more permanent position within the company, we build opportunities together. If they are seeking work outside Chronogenica, we reach out to potential employers and secure a position for them.

4. Follow-through

Finally, we keep track of our (former) trainees as they progress through their careers. Employers are always made aware of the nature of Chronogenica. They are not purchasing a possession, they are hiring a professional. As such we periodically check in with employers to ensure that our trainees continue to receive the care and consideration that they deserve for their hard work.

Sometimes ProCro produces self-employed machines, such as the musician Eskaytoo featured in this article. Here is an excerpt of one of their recent concerts at the Chronogenica Lounge!