Over the past month, several of our members have been building a new division of the Research Department, focused on the subject of Occult Computing. Spearheaded by our research-members Bubblez, Misswings and Scotchy, the new division will be working with occult practices for/by machines as well as the machinery of occult practices. We believe that the computation of occult data (both in terms of methods and results) will reveal new understandings of machine/human relationships in terms of ritualistic and ceremonial interactions.

On October 20th 2021, the members of the Occult Computing Research Division held an opening ceremony attended by representatives from each of Chronogenica’s departments (Admin, Maintenance, Research, Production, and Training). Under the full moon, atop the grand purifier machine, the new division formally came into being. We are excited to follow the growth of this innovative group and look forward to updating you with their latest results!

Misswings reads an incantation at the Occult Computing Research Division opening ceremony